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Chear Bio Chear + Lightening Face & Body Cream (Tube)

Bio Chear+ lightening skin cream naturally lightens and eliminates skin imperfections, ensuring a clear, even complexion without hydroquinone or mess. Its natural Bio-Vegetal Activator makes…

Chear G&C+ Glow & Clear Papaya Lightening Cream (tube)

Chear G&C+ Glow & Clear skin lightening cream is rich in Papaya extract and Kojic Acid. This concentrated cream lightens uneven skin, helps clear dark…

Chear Lemo Light+ Extra Lemon Lightening Cream (tube)

Chear Lemo Light+ Lemon Lightening Cream is rich with extracts of lemon which lightens the skin. It contains Vitamin E Acetate which when applied daily…

Chear Pure Petroleum Jelly Skin Moisturiser & Protectant – 100g

Introducing the ultimate dry skin saviour! Our Pure Petroleum Jelly Skin Moisturiser & Protectant, in a convenient 100g size, is here to rescue your skin.…

Chear Pure Petroleum Jelly Skin Moisturiser & Protectant – 50g

Chear Pure Petroleum Jelly is a Skin Moisturiser which helps Protect the skin.…