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Chear Acne Cleansing Body Wash (400ml)

Chear Acne Body Wash has been formulated for cleansing Acne prone skin. This body wash gently cleans the skin and helps reduce Acne brake outs.…

Chear Bio Chear Lightening shower gel

Bio Chear + lightening shower gel is rich in Vitamin C, which clarifies and purify's the skin. This shower gel lightens and cleanses the skin…

Chear Carrot Lite+ Lightening shower gel

Chear Carrot Lite + lightening shower gel is a perfect body wash, its rich with carrot extracts, which lightens the skin. Carrot contains Beta –…

Chear Glow & Clear Papaya Lightening shower gel

Chear G&C+ Glow & Clear Papaya lightening shower gel contains infused rich papaya extracts that lighten the skin.Its rich formula contains mild cleansers & natural…

Chear Lemo Light + Lemon Lightening shower gel

Chear Lemo Light+ Lemon Lightening Shower Gel contains an abundance of lemon lightening extracts. This body wash is brimming with antibacterial properties, features a zesty…

Chear Professional Liquid Hand Cleanser With 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

Chear Professional Liquid Hand Cleanser is a 70% Isopropyl Alcohol solution which conforms to W.H.O standard.  This high strength formula kills 99.99% of bacteria and…